Smeal MCF Ambassadors

Introduction to the Smeal MCF Ambassadors, a group of current Smeal MCF students who are available to connect with prospective students to answer questions and offer insights.

Smeal MCF Ambassadors are available to connect with prospective students to answer questions offer advice and guidance, and provide insights from the perspective of a current student.

Smeal MCF Ambassadors Class of 2021
Portrait Name/Email
Portrait of Elina Fantilli.

Elina Fantilli
Hometown: Reading, PA
Undergrad Institution: Penn State University
Undergrad Major: Management
Previous Industry: Teaching Assistant at Penn State
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"I was looking to gain more analytical skills in order to become a well-rounded future business leader. The Penn State Smeal Master's in Corporate Finance seemed like a straightforward program that would allow me to focus on what I was interested in. Another thing that really appealed to me was that you can complete this program in one year."

Portrait of Zoey Gu.

Zixuan Gu
Hometown: China
Undergrad Institution: West Virginia University
Undergrad Major: Finance
Previous Industry: Analyst Internship
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"After four years of studying finance, I wanted to start my career in corporate finance. Smeal's CFIN degree provides more knowledge of financial statement, ratio analysis, and has an emphasis on the internal performance of a company. The one-year duration and the curriculum of the program was very appealing to me."

Portrait of Giuseppe Galioto. 

Giuseppe Galioto
Hometown: Mount Pocono, PA
Undergrad Institution: Marywood University
Undergrad Major: Financial Planning & Management
Previous Industry: FNCB Credit Analyst
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"My favorite part about the MCF program is our professors, many of whom are respected and knowledgeable figures in the industry. They are able use real-world instances or examples from a time before they began teaching, alongside our course work. I find this to be very useful especially when we begin to learn about things like maximizing the Sharp Ratio in the Markowitz theory. Much of the focus in our class work and teachings is the real-world application which is very helpful when discussing more complex Financial topics. " 

Portrait of Michael Lewis.

Michael Lewis
Hometown: Tyrone, PA
Undergrad Institution: Penn State University
Undergrad Major: Supply Chain and Information Systems
Previous Industry: Supply Chain Consulting Internship at KPMG
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"After graduating with my bachelors degree, I didn't feel that I'd be challenged enough with my work in "corporate America." I got involved in supply chain consulting with KPMG and wanted to build my financial skillsets to prepare me for full-time work next year. I couldn't be happier about my decision - especially considering the current state of the economy."

Portrait of Mihir Saudagar.

Mihir Saudagar
Hometown: Maharashtra, India
Undergrad Institution: Millersville University
Undergrad Major: Economics
Previous Industry: Student Office Worker at Millersville University
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"I wanted to learn more about corporate finance that was focused on the practical side of the business. A lot of programs I was looking at only focused on theory, but this program prepared their students for the real world. The courses that we are required to take are both interesting and useful for a successful career in corporate finance."

Portrait of Natalie Weaver.

Natalie Weaver
Hometown: Coatesville, PA
Undergrad Institution: Penn State University
Undergrad Major: Accounting
Previous Industry: Tax Intern at EY
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"I wanted to pair my accounting knowledge with finance. I have always wanted to dive deeper into understanding how those two branches of business connect. My goal is to become a CPA, but I also would like to become a certified financial advisor/planner, and simply set myself apart as a candidate. I also wanted the challenge to learn something that was difficult and fast-paced."