Smeal MCF Ambassadors

Introduction to the Smeal MCF Ambassadors, a group of current Smeal MCF students who are available to connect with prospective students to answer questions and offer insights.

Smeal MCF Ambassadors are available to connect with prospective students to answer questions offer advice and guidance, and provide insights from the perspective of a current student.

Smeal MCF Ambassadors Class of 2022
Portrait Name/Email
Portrait of Nikko Genoese. 

Nikko Genoese
Hometown: Port Jefferson, New York, U.S. 
Undergrad Institution: Penn State University
Undergrad Major: Economics
Previous Industry: Analyst, Allied Millenial Partners
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I chose this program because this is a world-class institution. The programs were designed for students without a business undergrad background. I could tailor my education to my desire when stacking MS degrees.

Portrait of Michael Zhang. 

Jinheng Zhang
Hometown: Dongyang, Zhejiang, China
Undergrad Institution: Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
Undergrad Major: Accounting
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I graduated from undergraduate school in China and wanted to learn something that is related to finance. I found that corporate finance is systematically scheduled in finance areas, including corporate strategy, valuation, M&A, etc., which are the most interesting and related things in finance. Moreover, the program does not require working experience so it is very attractive for me. Also, I found that the ranking for graduate education of Penn State Smeal is #33. Furthermore, after talking to the staff and some students, I find that the class is very multinational and the students are all around the world. Lastly, Smeal is located in a beautiful, large and safe campus, which means that I can have a deep experience of the America style of learning.